Tilt Face Shield

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Full face protection with this light weight, tilting face shield –  offering an extra layer of protection when worn in combination with a cloth mask.

  • Tilt action for convenience
  • Adjustable elastic head strap
  • Comfort head liner
  • Light weight
  • Extra layer of protection against airborne particles
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A face shield is designed to protect you from potentially harmful particles flying through the air by acting as a barrier in front of your eyes, mouth and nose. That means your face shield may become contaminated while you wear it in public – so always keep it sanitized with our General Purpose Sanitizer 19-20!

  • WEAR a cloth mask under your face shield when out in public spaces
  • ALWAYS wash or santize your hands before and after putting on your face shield
  • DO NOT touch the front of your face shield while wearing it
  • SPRAY General Purpose Sanitizer 19-20 on the shield after removing it and wipe down


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