Gary G. Marrison

Gary Marrison graduated from the University of Stellenbosch with an undergraduate degree in Chemistry followed by the completion of his Honours degree in Polymer Chemistry.

Gary was the technical director of one of the largest adhesive producers before he co-founded MARCHEM with his father and his brother. He was also responsible for instituting ISO 9002 standards at two former companies with which he was associated.

On starting MARCHEM, Gary developed an extensive range of waterbased products, often developing products for specific client print applications and shop requirements.

It is due to Gary's fine attention to detail and his ability to correctly assess and supply specialised products, that UNIFLEX PLASTISOLS was born. Gary has continued to reasearch and develope the UNIFLEX PLASTISOLS to the incredible range that exists today and it is still expanding! Recent highlights have been PANTONE® approval and the development of the UNIFLEX Phthalate-free Series.


Shaun B.A Marrison

Shaun is a graduate of the University of Stellenbosch, with an undergraduate degree in Computer Science followed by an Honours degree in Business Economics.

Shaun now heads up the marketing department and is the main liaison with international agents. He has been instrumental in introducing the “systems approach” to the local industry. To this end he has produced the “first of it’s kind” computerized colour management program, which includes the unique UNIFLEX Reference Card System.

Shaun’s efforts are now directed at the introduction of systems that will further professionalize the local printing industry, thereby laying the foundations for export

This commitment to giving the printer all the tools neccessary to run a "systems approach" printshop, has resulted in the development of nteractive Cd-Roms, another of Shaun's projects which is driven by his enthuisasim and vision.