Marchem provides a comprehensive range of top quality equipment for the Textile and Graphic printing industry. Whether your setup is large or small, we will help you find the right solution for your production needs.

The range of equipment includes:-

  • Manual Textile and Graphic Printing Systems
  • Automatic Textile and Graphic Printing Equipment
  • Curing and Drying Systems
  • Screen Exposure Equipment – for both small and large format
  • Re-tensionable printing frames
  • Packaging, Folding and Bagging Systems
  • Pad Printing Machines
  • Heat Transfer Presses – Manual and Pneumatic




M&R Textile Printing

M&R's Textile Division produces the world's most comprehensive range of presses, dryers, pre-press, on-press, and post-press equipment. Products include automatic textile presses,
semi-automatic sample presses, the world's first two-tier manual press, and the world's first digitally-controlled textile gas dryer.

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M&R Graphic Printing

M&R's Graphic Division manufactures a wide range of flatbed presses, carousel and inline print/cure systems, UV cure systems, gas dryers, and pre-press and on-press equipment. Products include the groundbreaking Processor II E inline print/cure system and Switchback, the world's most innovative UV cure system.

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M&R Digital Printing

The iDot benefits from M&R's impressive engineering and development departments with vast experience in designing robust and innovative machines using the latest available technologies from the smallest manual press to the large multi-million dollar in-line systems. This is evident in the manner in which M&R has changed the entire drive system of the digital printer with the development of Absolute Position® Technology, ensuring repeatable precision re-registration not found on any other unit.

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Amscomtic Folding & Packaging

Amscomatic is the premier manufacturer of packaging equipment for textiles, food, and other products. Amscomatic's innovative product line includes folders, baggers, sealers, stackers, conveyors, printing taggers, printing labelers and card-insert systems.

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NuArc Exposure & Imaging

NuArc is the foremost manufacturer of screen printing and lithographic pre-press equipment. Products include exposure systems for textile and graphics, vacuum frames, and lithographic exposure systems.

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Stretch Devices

Stretch Devices Frames, Floodbars and Registration Systems

Manufacturers and innovators of the world renown Newman Roller Frames®, proudly offer a complete line of integrated products that allow both the Textile and Graphics Printers to continually raise the standards of quality and productivity through Ultra-High Tension printing.

The system includes:-

Newman Pin-Locks™
Accurate Registration System
Newman Roller Bars®
A brand of flood bars
Newman Roller Frames®
Self Tensioning Printing Frames
Newman Roller Mesh®
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